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“Where Cultures and Arts Meets”

Masiphumulele means „we will succeed”. In this spirit of victory over all the obstacles which people in Masi facing we want to work together, encourage one another, exchange knowledge (each one teach one) and create new, sustainable job opportunities. We also want to attract tourists and new investors with an attractive Program of different performances, a market, life music, exhibitions and food stalls.

We want to promote community arts and give people the opportunity to cell their products at the market. The aim is also to bridging the communities of the Deep South and Masiphumulele. The festivals are taking twice a month part and are family orientated.

Concept: Community Arts (music, dance, theatre, live art) Experience // Party //Market //Entertainment // Culture // Bridging communities Deep South and Masi Surrounding Areas/ International)// Family Day

Project plans: The day starts with a short church service, market set up, fresh food stalls from the locals. Coffee, craft and arts stalls, including vintage clothes, and fashionable accessories from local designers. Music will play in the back ground, while families, the youth and community members come together. There is diversity and a cool flow between activities. Dancing performances are taking place while an artist/s is painting live on canvas or chosen wall of the venue.

Theme: knowledge exchange and Reconciliation; celebration through cultural experience and exchange. To forge a sense of belonging, and appreciating culture and coming together from various backgrounds & communities.


Open doors, set up the market place together with community Welcoming, introduction of the day’s program
15min. church service, family orientated

– Market; selling food, drinks, crafts, local produce, coffee

– Arts programme including; dance piece, music =, live, Art installations, photo studio Dream Photographer,
Short film from the last event

Thank you and welcome to the next event!

WHEN & WHERE Date: 17th April 1 th May, 15 th May 2016, every month twice

Venue: Masiphumulele Arts & Craft centre, old Kommetjie Road between Kommetjie and Noordhoek


The day of fun and culture is planned as a launch of Masiphumlele as an entertainment space and youth hub. Opening the doors and giving a great event experience for locals, visitors – future partners, etc.

The intention is to showcase a range of arts, crafts and cultural activities (for youth and community on the whole) that can be continued in the space and to give people from outside Masiphumulele, a peek into the creative and social scene. There is also an opportunity to promote “ Yonayethu artistic productions” and other artists

Target audiences

Local community: youth and their families, local artists, business people, creative entrepreneurs Potential partners; funding, business, youth focused organisations. Broader public; from the valley, surrounding communities, tourists, etc.

The Team



Yvonne Rüegg
Assocciation Artist in Residence AIR VILLEKULLA
021/783 00 39 m


Andre Van Heerden
082/ 658 23 19

082 658 23 19


James Southey 083//319 19 97

Venue management

Eric Begala
071/ 736 53 99

Producer/Promoter Youth Artists


Concept development programme development advertisement Management/communication Artist and media liaison Stakeholder relationship/ management

Communication with Municipality Security: C.A.M Security services 081/14237599
Affidavit and disaster -plan

Market stalls organisation, Responsible for food stalls

Yona Yethu Artistic Productions Music Drama Dance
L.Shaun Siboninge yonayethuproductions@gmail.coo

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